Essential Guide to Starting a Business – your checklist

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

Often I’m asked by new entrepreneurs for help with setting up their business for maximum success. Though enthusiasm is at peak levels, questions still abound: What steps must I take to get my business off the ground? What’s the best sequence? I think I’ve got the process in hand, but am I overlooking something important?
photo by Patrick H. Corkery

While every business has unique challenges, most small businesses do share common first steps. On my website I make available a four-page guide, complete with many helpful resources for additional information, to help you move from concept to customers.

See the resources page on the New Leaf + Company website to claim your copy of this useful guide. Whether you are going full time with your business, or just looking to supplement your employment, this guide will help you get organized for maximum success.

Do you have plans to launch your own business? What are your entrepreneurial dreams? There is power in declaring them publicly. Declare them by leaving a comment here!

(Photo by Patrick Corkery of an Atlas 5 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, April 14, 2008.)


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