Products: Office headsets to save your neck

By Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

Accompanying a recent news story about Karen Bass’ historic election as speaker of the California State Assembly was a photo showing Bass, hard at work in her office, reaching for files while cradling a telephone receiver between her ear and shoulder. All I could think was, ouch!

My current office setup requires that my phone be on a table behind my desk, which meant that I held my spine in a 30-degree spiral in order not to pull the phone onto the floor. Until, that is, I acquired my favorite productivity tool of the year, a wireless headset.

With a wireless headset I can easily listen to a client and type notes on the conversation for the duration of an hour call, or get up to close a window without interrupting my caller.

I chose a GN Netcom 9120-flex. It weighs about 2 ounces, so it’s easy to wear. I can walk over 100 feet from the base, three rooms away with walls between the phone and me, and never suffer an interruption in transmission. It took about two minutes to connect the base to the phone, and another 4 minutes to learn how to use the headset.

If you find yourself on lengthy teleconferences or wanting to do two-handed work while you talk, don’t wait to hear it from your chiropractor. Try an office headset instead.

Madam Speaker, I’d like to make this offer: I’m willing to travel to Sacramento to present you with your very own wireless headset. You’ve got enough on your shoulders without adding a telephone receiver!


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