Best time to start a business? Now!

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

Do you dream of tossing over your corporate job for an entrepreneurial life?

The advice from Noam Wasserman, associate professor at Harvard Business School, is don’t wait too long. His study of entrepreneurs suggests that those who stay in large corporations are learning corporate habits, not the skills demanded by a nimble start-up.

While entrepreneurs benefit from some maturity and self-knowledge that come with time and experience, Wasserman’s research with founders of high-potential start-ups shows that over three-quarters of them made the leap from employee to entrepreneur by the time they were in their early 40s. Wasserman’s advice, once you have the compelling idea, is to seize the day.

If your business is not the next Google, Wasserman’s research still may apply. There is no perfect time to start a business. (And the only terrible time to start a business is when you don’t yet have a plan.)

To help you begin your plan, I’ve written a four-page checklist, Essential Guide to Starting Your Business. To get your copy visit the Resources page at my website, There is no charge for this guide. Here’s to your great success in all your ventures!


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