Why “Get Clients NOW” might be perfect for you

If you want to attract more clients to your professional services business, this is a class for you.


Based on the book by master coach C.J. Hayden, Get Clients NOW! ™ will help you focus on marketing to fill your schedule, using proven strategies and high-quality tools customized to your business.

You will not only learn what you need, you’ll take action to make it happen. During this program you will

• Focus your marketing efforts.
• Diagnose what’s missing in your marketing.
• Choose from dozens of effective tactics to build your client base.
• Overcome the fear, procrastination and resistance that keep you stuck.
• Stay motivated, no matter what.
• Design a plan that suits YOU, one you can use again and again.

Allow me to offer you this fantastic opportunity.

Get Clients NOW ™ combines a seminar to teach the tools you’ll need and regular coaching to help you take effective action and build your client base.

New Leaf + Company is offering a convenient six-week group teleclass so you can participate from anywhere, beginning January 5. To register, phone 650.342.0580 today.

Make 2009 a spectacular, break-through year for you and your business. Call now!

Why do I offer this class?

My MBA taught me that when it comes to a small business, marketing is not brain surgery or rocket science. It consists of a few simple principles which, applied consistently, have a powerful impact. It really is an organizing problem — focusing your time, paper and projects to achieve your marketing and business-building goals.

My business experience allows me to help other solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their marketing goals. Get Clients NOW provides a simple, tried-and-true framework. I know it works because I’ve used it myself.

Call now. 650.342.0580. You won’t be sorry. Make 2009 the year your business really takes off.

What does it cost?

What is the cost for 3 hours of training plus 4 hours of group coaching? While other programs cost much more, Get Clients NOW is just $245 with New Leaf + Company this month.

Call 650.342.0580 to speak with Margaret Lukens in person about how Get Clients NOW can make a significant difference for you this year.

What is the value of just one client for you? Call Margaret Lukens at New Leaf + Company today! Begin 2009 with one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Clear your calendar; you won’t be sorry.

I look forward to speaking with you!

All the best, Margaret Lukens


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