Your Inauguration Day

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

It has been many years since the United States has shown such excitement over the arrival of a new president. Like the inaugurals of 1961 and 1981, this inauguration is made more thrilling because it comes amid military, economic, and social challenges as well as historic opportunities.


We, like our new president, will thrive when we embrace the painful challenges for what they can show us about the way forward.

Celebrate your inauguration day. Ask how today’s problems can provide the path to future greatness.

  • What values do I want to express more clearly in the future?
  • Am I committed to excellence? Am I on the road to mastery in my field?
  • How can I spend my money better? Are there any purchases I make from habit, without considering their benefit? Am I investing enough in myself?
  • Are there products and services my clients want that I am not providing? What needs, currently unmet, can I fill?
  • What resources do I need to accomplish my goals? How can I find them or create them?
  • How can I strengthen alliances with  employees, clients, and business partners? What resources do I have that would help others reach their goals?

Now is the time to start something new — new initiatives, new directions, new paths.

Taking my cue from events in Washington, here’s my personal plan for Inauguration Day: I’m going to commit myself to positive change, rededicate myself to my core values, then I’m going dancing!

What are your inaugural plans? Leave a comment here.


2 comments so far

  1. Jane Campbell on

    I expect to watch a lot of television with my husband and my 15 and 12 year old sons. They’ll want to brave the streets of DC, but I’ve declared such a thing to be madness. (My brother went to a DC protest march in the early 70’s. All he got was his wallet stolen. This cynicism is unfashionable, but I’m siding with my school district, which declared the TV view to be the best available.)

    I expect I will squirm, I will behave restlessly, I will get tears in my eyes, and I will probably fixate on food. I’m looking forward to it.
    Margaret writes: Jane, last year while my family braved the Pasadena crowds to watch a favorite team in the Rose Bowl, I (for lack of sufficient tickets) watched the parade on television while drinking coffee and eating churros from an amazing little shack on Venice Beach. I’m sure I missed a certain something by not being at the game live, but I know they missed something, too, by not being on the beach with a cup of coffee and a plate of churros!

  2. Leslie Nipps on

    I say, 2009 is the year I eat a lot more raw oysters!!

    Margaret writes: Leslie, a sign at Boston’s Union Oyster House notes that Daniel Webster dined daily on a huge numbers of oysters washed down with something strong. Fueled by your oysters, may you inaugurate events and changes as momentous as Webster did!

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