NAPO-LA announces Organizing Awards finalists

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

The Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers has announced the finalists for the 2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards. This program — which has been getting bigger and “glitterier” every year since it began in 2006 — now features celebrity hosts, red-carpet photo ops, and a whole weekend of events. The awards gala is set for Friday, January 30.

This year the finalists include several of my favorite organizers and products. For example:

Best Home Organizing Product: Vital Records PortaVault from Securita
Securita PortaVault2
Founder Sheri Dodsworth was inspired to create the PortaVault as she watched the plight of those who fled Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. People were left stranded without account numbers, identification, and the essential information needed to rebuild their financial lives. She designed a simple, lightweight water-resistant case to carry paper records and CDs (you could even carry complete copies of your digital photos), to help disaster victims recover from devastating loss. Being a little bit prepared is better than making no preparation at all. Everyone would benefit from a tool like the PortaVault, even if they don’t take the time to make use of all its many features.

Most Helpful Organizing Technology: Anywhere Vault

(Update: Anywhere Vault closed its business in 2009.)
There are many home inventory products on the market; this is my favorite. It offers the greatest security — you store your information on Anywhere Vault’s secure servers, so if you aren’t at home to grab your records in the event of a fire, tornado or other disaster, your records are still accessible to you or anyone to whom you’ve given the “keys” to your Anywhere Vault. You can add to your vault a little at a time. You can store as much or as little information as you wish. This product is also useful for businesses, which could save countless hours and many dollars by documenting their assets and storing the information offsite. Too busy to do your own document scanning of receipts and vital records? Anywhere Vault offers an affordable one-time service.

Best Organizing Book: Knack, Organizing Your Home, by Emily Wilska

Books about home organizing is a crowded field. Emily Wilska’s book, in the new Knack series, stands out as comprehensive, beautifully written, and entertaining. She offers tons of decluttering and storage solutions. I dare anyone to read this book and not find practical and elegant ideas in every chapter.

To get a sample of Emily’s organizing philosophy and writing style, visit her blog, The Organized Life.

Best Organizing Website or Blog: Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News

Jeri Dansky’s blog is a treasure trove of interesting concepts, useful information, and products to suit every taste and budget. Among Jeri’s outstanding skills is the ability to find anything on the web, if it is there to be found. I have hired her to do product searches for clients who have had very specific or unusual requirements — a corner desk in a certain style with a particular filing capacity, for example. She generously shares this skill for free in her daily blog posts. Dip in and enjoy!

My best wishes to all the finalists in this year’s Organizing Awards!

Are there any products and services that you depend on to keep you organized? What would get your award for organizing excellence? Leave a comment here.

(Photos on this post are copied from the respective links given in the award category description.)


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