QuickBooks, brain-dead simple

Are you a micro-business owner struggling to manage your financial data with QuickBooks? Two people feel your pain: me and Susan Tiner.

qb-pro367005Susan, owner of Tiner Financial Services, has begun a new but already meaty blog, Financial Organizing News. Her early posts are devoted to helping those who do their own bookkeeping to get to a place of comfort and ease, with all transactions entered promptly (no more marathons  on April 14!)

Later posts inform readers about upcoming classes of her “Brain Dead Simple” webinars, so you can learn from her no matter where in the world you call “office”.

Susan is a great online resource for QuickBooks help, with a real knack for helping the solo entrepreneur get a grip on the accounting. Do pay her a visit.

Update: The blog mentioned above closed as of May 15. A new, redesigned WordPress blog is available at www.financialorganizing.info


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  1. samepasswordasbluehost on

    Thanks Margaret. The Typepad blog was shut down May 15, but the new, completely redesigned WordPress blog is available at http://www.financialorganizing.info/

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