Back It Up! – four ways computer failure can sink a business

Let me tell you some scary stories:

449px-frankensteins_monster_boris_karloffA skilled non-profit executive was writing a book that would promote her cause. One day when the book was about three-quarters completed, her computer crashed. Her manuscript, she was told, was irretrievable…

A small company carefully backed up its employees’ computers to a central on-site server. Legal requirements for their industry mandated that they keep excellent records on their business transactions, so their dozen computers were regularly backed up. Then one night, the beautiful old building that housed their business caught fire…

A successful online business believed that its web-hosting company backed up data several times a day, but when the host’s servers went down and suffered some data loss, the online company found that months of website improvements, representing hundreds of work-hours, would have to be done again. They hadn’t been backed up by the host or by the business…

A medical office backed up its data as needed to support the excellent patient care it sought to provide. To make the data available to doctors in the office and at the hospital, the data was backed up offsite. But the data wasn’t encrypted. Then the medical partnership was the subject of a HIPAA audit….

Computer backup is not my area of expertise, yet as a business coach and organizing consultant, I can’t ignore it. Loss of data – whether from theft, fire, or technical failure – can bring an enterprise to its knees with insurmountable loss. As your coach and organizing consultant, it’s one of the things I check for in working with clients. For help in advising clients (and in doing the right thing for my own business) I turned to Jeannie Shea, the owner of Bay to Bay Technical Solutions in the San Francisco area. Computer backup is Jeannie’s passion.

Backup truly is a complicated subject. Fortunately, Jeannie has a skill for simplifying it, helping businesses make the best decisions to protect their data, and so their survival.

In the coming days I’ll be sharing Jeannie’s wisdom with New Leaf News readers, to help you get the most from Jeannie’s knowledge and skill about how to protect your business from catastrophic loss due to inadequate data backup.

Large corporations have their own IT departments and unique business requirements, so Jeannie and I talked about help for all smaller businesses with one to 100 employees – solo entrepreneurs, micro-businesses, and the typical small business.

Here’s the lineup for this topic. In the coming days, we’ll discuss:

• What everyone needs to know

• Needs of the micro-business

• Help for the “larger” small business

• What gets backed up?

Please contact me if you have questions about protecting your business and helping it thrive. In the future, let’s save the scary stories for Halloween.

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