Make up your mind

I received a letter recently from a client. It read in part:

... I also made it to the bottom of my inbox, and I’m not letting things “ripen” there. Your encouragement to “decide to decide” has been helping to prevent things from piling up. …

My client is succeeding because she is deciding.

Professional organizer Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger, has defined clutter as “deferred decisions”. A lot of what is lying around our homes and offices is there because we have chosen to put it where it is “for now”.  Too often that day on which we were going to make a permanent choice never comes.

One of the best ways to put your paper organizing into overdrive is to decide to decide. This concept is so important that organizer Kathy Waddill, author of The Organizing Sourcebook, makes it one of the nine key strategies required to become and stay organized.

If you’re holding back because you are unsure how long you need to keep papers, email me for a complimentary records retention guide.

Maybe you’re holding back because on some deeper level you’re unsure what the paper, email, and other clutter actually means to you. This is when I find coaching to be an effective tool to help my clients get organized. I ask coaching questions to help clients clarify what meaning is invested in the papers.

Know what you need to keep. Consider what you want to keep. Then take action to discard, delegate, file, and act.

What have you decided lately? What happened when you did? Leave a comment here.


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