We all do better with help: 8 professionals that can really make a difference

Your time is precious.

There are some things that only you can do. These should get your best attention during your most productive hours.

Others you can do, but don’t enjoy. These may include going to networking events and having face-to-face contact with your prospects, or making a corporate presentation where they’re expecting you, and no one else: no one can do it for you.

Still other tasks rank low on ability, low on pleasure, low on cost-effectiveness, or all of these. These are the things you really want to avoid. You may call them your most odious tasks. Call them your “c” priorities. Call those tasks, “I’d rather be declared bankrupt, required to speak in public, and write my own obituary at the same time.”  These tasks are great prospects for delegating.

A key to succeeding in small business is to focus on the things that only you can do, and outsource the rest. It’s a good strategy for employees in larger businesses, too.

Is there something that you dread? Recently a colleague confessed that he had taken over his QuickBooks data entry to save money during the current economic downturn, but he began dreading the Saturday’s work on the previous Tuesday. As a business coach, I say this is a prime candidate for outsourcing, regardless of economic troubles. If you are good at your business (and this person is), then focus on your core business and get others to help you with the tasks at which you don’t excel.

As a Certified Professional Organizer and business coach, I know how to organize my own home and office. But still, I often hire another professional organizer  to help me. Why? Because we all do better with help.

Consider how you can invite help into your life. The Fidelity newsletter lists eight pros who can really make a difference to your productivity by giving you back stress-free hours.

Fidelity’s picks are:

Financial planner
Tax preparer
Travel agent
Medical-bills manager
Elder caregiver
Independent insurance agent
College-admissions consultant
Professional organizer

Are you needing help, but delaying asking for it because you feel that you should be able to do the job yourself? Stop waiting. Hire someone to lend their expertise in areas crucial to your success.


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