Six things fathers have taught me about the good life

In recognition of Fathers Day, I would like to share a few of the lessons that fathers have taught me about the good life.

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Quality: Forget perfection, strive for excellence.

Craftsmanship: Never blame your tools.

Mastery: Begin with baby steps, but don’t stop there.

Diplomacy: The first lesson in the art of war is to avoid it if at all possible.

Patience: When using a saw, it is patience, not brute strength, that makes the best cut.

Time management: You can always think of more things to do in a day than you can get done. Choose the ones that matter most.

My own father has given me many things, material gifts and the immaterial ones, gifts of bicycles and lessons in riding them. Along with lessons in how to make a living, he supplied lessons in how to make a life.

To my father, my father-in-law, and to all our father figures, I wish a very happy Fathers Day.

What lessons in living a good life did you learn from a father? Leave a comment here.


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  1. Jeri Dansky on

    My dad is a master of looking at the good side of any situation, making lemonade from any lemons sent his way. That’s a good model to emulate.

  2. […] My father and various “father figures” have provided several lessons that I draw on to become more organized and productive. What have fathers taught you about the good life? […]

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