Offsite data backup revisited (Mac version)

Recently I wrote about the devastating loss that can occur if business data isn’t backed up, and I shared ways to back up both onsite (for ease of retrieval) and offsite (in case the onsite backup is stolen or destroyed).

Courtesy of The Unofficial Apple Weblog comes this notice:

“There’s a new kid on the block with a different approach to offsite backup — Time Warp. This US$25 Mac application (free during the beta period) takes your Time Machine backups, compresses and encrypts them…, and then uploads them to your personal Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) account.”

Pricing for Time Warp is different than other popular offsite services such as Carbonite and Mozy, which charge an annual fee. Time Warp charges for the application and by the amount of data stored. The blog author claims that pricing is comparable to the other offsite services, but check the comments section for useful insights — your mileage may vary.

If you are a Mac user who already relies on Time Machine for your onsite backups, consider Time Warp as a solution to your offsite backup.


2 comments so far

  1. Bola Odulate on

    Thanks for this tip. Even though I’m a Carbonite user, I’m downloading Time Warp as I write this. I just discovered that Carbonite does not support Snow Leopard until November, after installing Snow Leopard yesterday!

    I’ve suggested to Carbonite that they put their Snow Leopard schedule on their home page.

  2. New Leaf News on

    Thank you, Bola, for the information – very helpful update!

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