Happy New Year

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay, computer scientist


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  1. Mary E. Rossow on

    Greetings in this fine New Year, Margaret!
    Love this photo of 2010…was it part of a fireworks display? May I use/borrow it?
    I’ll wait to hear back from you.
    Warm Sizzling Socks,

    • New Leaf News on

      Mary, thanks for asking. I have spelled out the photo situation in my page named “Legal Notice,” but really, who reads that?? Unless otherwise identified, I have purchased a license to use the photos from http://www.istockphoto.com, so I can’t share it. You can get your own for a dollar or two in most cases. If a photo comes from another source, I typically identify the source in the caption. Glad you like the 2010 photo! I have a lot of fun picking out the graphics for this blog and my other one, http://www.preparationnation.wordpress.com. Have a truly spectacular 2010!

  2. Mary E. Rossow on

    p.s. Great quotes…keep posting!

  3. warmsocksrossow on

    Wow…great new resource. I learn so much from you! Plus, I registered last night with wordpress.com to start my own blog, also because of you. Now I just have to write something….scary! I feel like it’s going to be an excellent year.
    Warm Bloggy Socks,

    • New Leaf News on

      I cannot WAIT to read your blog! Please let all of us know the address. And “warm, brand-new 2010 socks” to you!

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