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Catching Incoming Items: “Drive-bys” and “Shower Thoughts”

by Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company LLC

Recently I was teaching a productivity and organizing workshop to a group of executives and consultants. I listed some of the ways in which our tasks come to us: “… email, voice mail, text messages, snail mail, the ideas that come to us in the shower, and those requests made by colleagues as we pass in the corridor.

One of the participants, a director at a pharmaceutical company, offered, “Drive-bys. Those requests as you pass in the hall? I call those ‘drive-bys’.” Perfect description, I thought.

Email, voice mail, text and snail mail rarely get lost. We know where they are, lurking in their inboxes (though actually dealing with them can be a real challenge for many.) But the drive-bys and the shower thoughts that come our way? They can present an additional problem: how to capture them?

In the coming days I’ll be turning my attention to the products and processes that may help us deal with drive-bys and shower thoughts, the requests and ideas that come without built-in digital or paper format.

What are your favorite ways to catch errant thoughts? Share them here.

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